Bomb Extracts: Found in Wobulenzi.

A total of 10 bombs were found dumped in Wobulenzi town council in Luwero district. 

These were examined by a military bomb disposal expert and found to be safe. Experts wrapped them all up and took them away for more investigations.

Police in Luweero District in central Uganda said the investigations into the circumstances under which an assortment of bomb shells were left near a school playing ground in Wobulenzi Town have kicked of.

Al-Answar Primary School authorities and the community at Nakasero zone were alerted about suspected bomb shells abandoned near the school on Monday causing panic.

  • A UPDF ballistic expert who examined and picked up the 10 shells revealed that while the war material were not active and had possibly been smuggled from restricted areas, they could fall into the “enemy hands for reuse.”

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