Opinion: "Gen. Muhoozi's speech is always not connecting with the youths and the common people"- Journalist Arnold Freeman Musamali.

On several occasions, the first son, General Muhoozi Kaineruga has always failed to make a speech that can capture the youths and the local people, Youths and the common person fail to digest his words due to his choice of words and soft speaking.


According to Journalist Arnold Musamali Freeman, Gen Muhoozi needs to work more on his presentation before getting to big crowds.

I've covered General Muhoozi on more than five events including his country tours but his speech is always lucking. He has totally failed to connect himself with the youths and the local people. He is too much diplomatic and yet the majority of his Audience are the locals"- Musamali noted.

Musamali elaborates that the president's son should copy from his father who can speak for hours even with or without a written speech and his message is clearly passed on to citizens.

"President M7 has mastered the game of speaking to Ugandans, he will always give a speech that will even allow journalists to quote him, which his son failed to adopt. Muhoozi can mobilize for big crowds but will always fail to pass on the message"- Musamali.

Musamali claims the National Unity Platform Boss, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine can relate with the youths and local people because he understands the real problems on the ground. 

"If at all the first son wants to become the president, then he must mix and mingle with the locals most especially the youths. Let him start opening up to the youths and the locals, this will improve on how he talks to them. His too much English is totally disconnecting him from his supporters"- Musamali.

Gen. Muhozi Kainerugaba is the son of President Yoweri Museveni and a presidential adviser on special duties.

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