Read Here-Why Buganda Kingdom Media Houses Deliberately Refused To Publish About M7 & Nabagereka Meeting In Statehouse.


All Buganda Kingdom affiliated Media houses have been ordered not to publish or post about the meeting of  President M7 And the Nnabagereka of Buganda, Mamam Sylvia Naggind.  

According to our informers from Mengo, CBS FM & BBS Telefiana News editors were instructed by a big arm in Buganda not to post even a photo of Nnabagereka with president M7, while on her private visit at Statehouse, in Entebbe.

What You Need To Know:

Yesterday , the 23rd  September, 2023, President M7 received Nabagereka and her delegates from Buganda kingdom.

The president immediately posted abut his fruitful discussion with the Nnabagereka and her team. 

It should be noted that friction has always occurred whenever officials from Buganda Kingdom meet with president M7 without the consent of Katikiro, Charles Peter Mayiga.

Last month, Katikiro Mayiga and other officials in Mengo condemned the visit of Clan heads (Abataka) with President M7.  

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