Communities Empowered as The Soul of My Footprint, MAP International Support Ugandan Villages

Close to 1000 residents of  Buikwe district near Jinja, with various health complications  benefited from a free medical camp organized by The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) in partnership with MAP International and Cook’s Dental.

The week long medical camp complemented with other donations was held at TSOMF -constructed health clinic in Wabuyinja, Wakisi Division in Uganda and saw many residents receive free health services, screened for various ailments including; Malaria, High Blood Pressure, diabetes, cancer, dental care, eye screening and treatment, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, immunization and antenatal services among other illnesses.

According to Mr Alfie Jelks , the founder and team leader of the Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF), they decided to support the Ugandan through medical camps, establishing a health clinic ,donation of personal items to families and empowering educational services so that Ugandans can live a healthy and thriving life.

‘’ The health camp is one of the many goals of the foundation. Our main agenda for 2023 was to establish another successful shoe drive, dental and school supplies physically delivered to Jinja and the surrounding communities in Uganda. We deployed our sixth medical team. In addition, in 2023 we have continued with our work on building the hospital in Wabuyinja, Uganda ‘’, noted Alfie

Namusoke Roslyn, the head of The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) in Uganda expressed heartfelt gratitude to the teams from the USA for giving their precious time and effort for Ugandan communities to get a better life through donations and medical camps.

The free medical camp that commenced on Wednesday 20th  thru 22th of  September attracted hundreds of residents who flocked Wabuyinja village  for healthcare services and on the first day 185 people were attended to, 172 on the second day and 281 on the third day totaling 638 patients. A majority of which were children.

Out of 206 people who tested for malaria 82 were positive and received medication, especially children. It should be noted that Uganda has one of the highest global burdens of malaria cases, with over 90% of the population at risk, malaria remains Uganda’s leading cause of death, especially in children. The disease causes immense damaging health effects and is responsible for 30 to 50% of outpatient visits and 15 to 20% of hospital admissions in the country.

Just like the previous medical camps, this camp is to assist community members who cannot easily access health care services especially those with financial constraints.

The medical team from the USA was composed of physicians; Dr Harold Mayweather (headed Medical Team),Dr .Merryl Bland, Dr. Tracy Morning a Pharmacist, Katrina Denison -Nurse(headed logistics team),Angela Hammond,Brenda Wade(nurse), Frederick Anderson, Jewel Middleton(nurse), Shaletra Osby, Sylvia Reed,Maldvina Anderson,and Beverly Dixon.

The Ugandan physicians who attended the camp are ;Dr Peter Wambi,Dr Batesaki Allan Paul and Dr Mutumba Herbert.

The Soul of My Footprint  team that traveled to Uganda  included;  BJ St. Hill, Beverly Smith, Carl Hamilton, Curtis Morning, Danny Barker, Deborah Crawford, DeWayne Webb, Dee Norris, El Smith,Genia Littleton,Karen Huntspon, Keith Mayweather, Lakeisha Hatchett, Lakeila Nixon,LaToya West,Maldivian Anderson ,Dr Marcus Gibson, Micheal Osby, Patrick Garrett, Reico Walker, Ruth Carpenter and Shine Tiambi Walker.


Over 1,000 pairs of shoes were given to community members during the course of the week, toiletries which included toothbrushes & toothpaste, Sanitary kits for teenage girls, School supplies, eye glasses and assorted food items.

Under the leadership of Patrick, Michael and Danny, the group was able to feed over 1,000 people of the community with a US Style Barbecue.

Residents, beneficiaries and local leaders expressed joy for getting free services and appreciated the TSOMF for the good initiative and consistency in their annual outreaches.

MAP International

Map International is a Christian nonprofiit organization based in Georgia. Their mission is to provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest. MAP serves all people regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background.

As a global health organization, they carry out work in the broad programmatic areas of disease prevention and treatment, disaster relief, and medical missions support, with the goal of bringing health and hope to the 2 billion people worldwide who do not have access to basic healthcare.

MAP International was founded in 1954 by J. Raymond Knighton, the first Executive Director of the Christian Medical Society, now known as the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA).

In 2019, MAP delivered medicines and health supplies to 13.3 million people in 98 countries.

MAP International also carries out; Transformational missions, Water and sanitation projects, Total health village programs, Maternal and child health, Global essential medicines and supplies (GEMS), Disaster relief response among other regional and international projects.


The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) is an international life changing charity organization headquartered in Columbus, Georgia which has done several impactful projects in Uganda, Africa including Health outreaches which are supported by MAP International, a Christian nonprofit organization based in Georgia. The Soul of My Footprint is headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. It was founded 22 years ago by Alfie Jelks and established as a non-profit in 2012.

The primary objective of The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) is the dissemination of deliberate and provisional supplies of medicine, clothing, and basic care items for the people of Jinja, Uganda.

In 2000, he began his humanitarian journey to Jinja, Uganda. Seeking to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, teach and preach faith, hope to the weary and downtrodden, Alfie made a second trip to Africa in 2001. He made additional trips in 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and this gave birth to the subsequent transformational outreaches.

According to the organization’s website, Alfie opened Alfie's African Treasures in June of 2001, selling rare and unique African artifacts and Greek/fraternal paraphernalia.

Due to the quick success of the boutique, Alfie created other avenues to impact the city by establishing "Alfie's African Treasures Annual Cultural Show", providing a stage for African Americans to display their gifts and talents, exposing the youth to African culture.

Over the years, the organization and its partners have engaged in a massive donation of food, shoes, and clothing to those who need it most prior to the free medical camps and scholarships.

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