NUP's relationship with Buganda Kingdom deteriorates, Bobi Wine not invited at the wedding of Katikkiro Mayiga's son.

Developing storyIn an unexpected turn of events, Buganda Kingdom chose not to invite the leadership of the National Unity Platform to the wedding of Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga's son, which took place this afternoon at Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala. 

Among the attendees were officials from the central government, including Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo, Cabinet ministers, and members of Parliament.

Bishop Serveru Jjumba of Masaka Diocese officiated the wedding ceremony. 

Speaker Among, who was the chief guest, thanked the parents of the newlyweds for nurturing and aligning their children with the norms, values and cultures of the African society that respects the sanctity of marriage.

She advised the young couple to build their marriage on true love and friendship.

"You are coming from different backgrounds and this comes with different values and attitudes. Make sure you get a mutual ground to live happily together. Be best friends if you are to have an eternal relationship," Among said.

Among advised the bride to respect her new family and remain submissive to her husband.

"Sonia, as you go into the new family, your father-in-law and mother-in-law are now your father and mother in love," she said. 

The Speaker added, "Be a good wife, respect your husband. For me after chairing the House, I run home to cook for Mr. Magogo. When I am home, I am a wife and when I am at Parliament, I am a Speaker."

She gifted the couple with 10 heads of cattle and wished them a blissful marriage.

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