"My Voters are fools that's why I decided not to contest again in 2026"- MP. Mboizi Arthur.

"I can not lead fools who are even slow learners"- Mboizi Arthur, the Budaka District Member Of Parliament as he confirms his resignation from active politics.

A month ago, Hon. Parish Department point-blank to his voters by calling them fools and slow learners who have failed to embrace Government programs. 

According to Mboizi Bugwere region would have been very far had they always embarrassed and promoted Government programs like the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), and the Emyooga & parish Development Model (PDM).

"Budaka is not performing well, I can't be voted or lead fools, I will also be regarded as a fool. I was a district chairperson and I lobbed Government to give us thousands of cows, which they did but you people (beneficiaries) misused them"- Mboizi.

Mboizi also claimed that his voters are after small handouts from selfish politicians yet he is not among them. "I've realized that my people are slow learners and after small handouts. They will support those politicians who will give them 500/- and forget about you who is pushing for better road structures, education health sector & poverty eradication at the household level, therefore I won't run for this position again in 2026 because I am tired of such voters"- Mboizi

Mboizi is serving his first term in the 11th parliament after winning massively in the 2021 general elections.
Before being elected a member of Parliament, he was the Budaka District LC5 for 10 years. 

Mboizi is also Businessman dealing in hardware, Wholesale shops, real estate, and hotels.

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