Opinion: The appointment of Minister Nambozo's PS & Driver As Asst RDC Sparks Unrest in Sironko District NRM leadership

The Author is a whistleblower 

In Sironko District, the recent appointments of Assistant Resident District Commissioners (RDC's) and Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) by the office of the President, headed by Hon Milly Babalanda, have stirred up controversy. Many within the NRM party are dismayed, alleging that the appointments favored NRM cadres, with little consultation with the party's district leadership.

Of particular concern is the appointment process in Sironko District, where the Minister for Karamoja, Hon Nambozo Florence, allegedly rewarded her personal assistant, Wonambwa Allan, and her driver, Nabutewa Joshua, who also serves as a parish chief. This move has exacerbated tensions within the local NRM leadership, especially since alternative candidates proposed by the district NRM leadership, such as Guga Alex Nabende, Mudebo Isaac, Dison Balayo, and Gamisha Paul Mudoma, were overlooked.

The situation is further complicated by allegations that the minister's actions are politically motivated, aimed at undermining the influence of Al Hajji Lumolo Mafabi Sulieman, a prominent figure in the NRM and the father of the minister's strongest opposition. This perceived nepotism and disregard for longstanding party supporters like Hajji Suleiman Lumolo risk alienating NRM members and undermining mobilization efforts.

The people of sironko are crying foul as to why the party should be sacrificed because of political interest, if Hon Nambozo Florence's driver has a position why can't the asst RDCs position be given to other people?.

Why has the appointing authority refused to respect the criteria of cadre indentification in the NRM party.

Why do  an independent candidate take decisions for the NRM leadership in sironko these are unanswered questions and almost in the whole country the whole selection has been a mess and a lot should be revised.

Incase someone has a position in local government why should he or she be again assigned another position with public service again. Hon Minister branded the proposed people to be leasing with FDC secretary Gen Nathan Nandala Mafabi yet everyone knows that she is her real ally.

Overall, the appointments of Asst RDCs have raised concerns about political patronage and favoritism, particularly in Sironko District NRM, where the party's leadership feels marginalized and overlooked in favor of individuals with personal connections to those in power.

Today while giving his remarks before the speaker of Parliament, Rt. Annet Among, the ' leader of opposition, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi claimed that the whole process has irregularities. 

According to Ssenyonyi, the appointment authority never considered credibility.

"How can you appoint a person like kisakyamukama, a man who undressed before cameras in public" - Ssenyonyi.

This prompted the speaker to summon, minister Babalanda to present a list of all those who have been appointed for approval. 

"I have requested a report from the Minister for the Presidency regarding the recent appointments of RDC, RCCs and their deputies. This request is in response to public concerns about the eligibility of some of the appointees. The report is expected to be presented tomorrow"-Speaker Among


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Minister for presidency Babirye Milly Babalanda is also under fire for hand picking assistant RDCs without doing background checks on their integrity and morals in society.

It’s now public knowledge that these were just hand picked to appreciate the work that very committed NRM cadres of which some are bloggers and have done their best in counteracting with the opposition.

Among those appointed is Kisakyamukama Yiga whose appointment has even caught parliament’s attention. Kisakyamukama who through his social media pages thanked the president for finally remembering him to make him an Assistant RDC.

Raising on the floor of parliament, Leader of Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi questioned the circumstances under which government which is crying of no money and is even phasing out some agencies is doing more recruitment of people well known to be NRM political agents.

The leader of opposition also wondered how Yiga Kisakyamukama who is well known for having abused the Kabaka and the baganda was appointed to be among those representing president Museveni in Gomba district.

In reaction to the LoP’s submission, speaker of Parliament Anita Among has directed the Minister for Presidency Milly Babalanda by tomorrow Wednesday to table a report in parliament stipulating the caliber and qualifications of the recently appointed Assistant RDCs and RCCs.

In response, the Speaker also urged the Minister for presidency Babalanda to halt appointing and deploying RCCs and RDCs in the areas of their residence saying that they use it as an opportunity to compete with the sitting area MPs.

Anita Among also advised Minister Babalanda to be mindful of Article 203 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda which states that for anyone to be appointed an RDC or RCC shall be a citizen of Uganda and qualifies  to be a member of parliament.

Yiga Kisakyamukama later came out and apologized for what he did but his actions are still fresh in the minds of Ugandans and believe he’s so immoral to be appointed in such an office.

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