Hon. Wanyoto joins president M7 on Wealth Creation Masaka tour as Dr. Musenero warns over PDM cash misuse.

The Chairperson of NRM Women's League Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende has joined the President of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during his wealth creation campaign in greater Masaka.

Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende aka BIG SISTER being An NRM Central Executive Committee Member automatically makes her eligible and makes it mandatory to her to join the president on all wealth creation campaigns as she represents all Women in the Country.

Both President Museveni and Hon. Lydia Wanyoto are preaching the message of the Parish Development Model which they think is the last war against poverty that will help the 39 percent of Ugandans in abject poverty to join the money economy.

Each Ugandan who is part of the 39% shall get one million to help start an enterprise that shall help generate income.

However, there are so many issues of corruption involved and several officers across the country have been arrested over corruption allegations.

In Mbale City banks and middlemen have been accused of extortion and the RCC Mbale John Rex Achilla was furious with the way banks have decided to conduct their operations.

He told our reporter that banks were required to get details from the beneficiaries at their doorsteps and open their accounts but they have done the contrary.

He now says the security Committee has deployed officers to get the facts on the ground so that culprits can be punished.

He vowed that they will not let the President's Dream of the Parish Development Model down.

Besides, beneficiaries who got the money have been reported in the press to have drunk themselves to uselessness while others have opted to pay School Fees, Buy Clothes and buy meat for their families.

In an interview with the Minister for Science Technology and Innovation Dr. Monica Musenero, she advised the PDM committees to act as watchdogs of the activities of the beneficiaries and tasked them to recover the money for continuity of the money in the SACCO since it's a revolving fund.

She also advised beneficiaries to be honest with themselves and use the money appropriately whforat they asked it for and change their lives instead of putting it to short-term use like buying clothes, Food, Paying School Fees, and Marrying second with among others.

Story By: Ozil

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