"Pretty Nicole was aided by her mother to Escape from School"- Sponsor reveals.

Last month, a photo of pretty Nichole being returned to school by a well-wisher made rounds on social media. In the photo, the unidentified well-wisher captioned it, "Webale mukama my new daughter Nicole; I managed to bring her to school."


According to the reports, it's alleged that pretty Nicole had finished primary seven but dropped out and decided to learn saloon work.
However, in a video making rounds on social media, pretty Nichole revealed that she had escaped from the school she had been taken to. She revealed that she had been taken to CID's headquarters.
She said that the situation in the place she was taken was not good because, even though she was on her period, she tried to ask for sanitary pads and was denied.

"I asked Madam Macklin to help me with the pads, but she told me it was finished, yet I knew very well it was there," she said.
Nichole revealed that, she was being help by a certain girl who would give her pads.

Furthermore, she noted that no one was allowed to pay her a visit, not even her parents. She observed that, even when her mother tried to bring her clothes, she was denied access and sent away.
However, on being asked what forced her to escape from the school, she said the situation was not good for her, and on top of that, the other students had started long time.
"I loved to return to school, but the way I was treated got me worried, and even at the time they took me to school, other students had already started, and with it being a candidate class, it became very hard for me," she added.
She revealed that out of the hardship she was going through, she had to figure out a way and escape.
Away from school, when being asked what transpired until she decided that her friend Queen Kafta be sentenced to prison, she alleged that the presiding judge in her case was allegedly bribed.

"When I was in the toilet crying, a police officer told me that we were going to win the case, but it was unfortunate that they bribed the judge so that she could sentence my friend," she said.
She noted that she had wanted her friend to be pardoned and only treat her, but not to be sent to prison.
Pretty Nicole came into limelight after a video showed her being mercilessly beaten by her friends, which caused a public uproar.

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