Bishop Kiganda celebrates birthday with Ghetto community members- Urges Government to Secure permanent solution for street children as he condemns World Bank over loan restrictions.

Bishop Dvid Kiganda of Christianity Focus Center in Kisenyi has today the 17th of  August 2023, celebrated his birthday with the common people, locally known as Ghetto community.

Bishop David Kiganda started his celebration by praying for over 300+ congregation at his church in Kisenyi, he  praised God for enabling him to celebrate his birthday this year and said that God has guided him to celebrate with people who are going through significant challenges such as street children, the elderly, the needy and others.

"For the passed  year, I've been cerebrating my birthday with the rich, this time round it was a God's calling for me to celebrate it with the common person"-Said Bishop Kiganda.

He further noted that the common people are also a God's creation and they are the majority though at times those who make it in life tend to forget their path.

"We even have members of parliament who were street children but they cant give testimony, they cant even remember where they came from, they cant even go back and help a single street child and such people wont see heaven. If God lifts you, always endeavor to lift 0ne or two others"- Bishop Kiganda. 

He urged Government and citizens to do what they can to ensure that Street children are helped off  the streets because they are VERY dangerous to those who think they are safe.

"Actually let me thank Paster keffa sempaji for the great work he has been doing of evacuating  children off the streets single handedly" he said.

Bishop Kiganda also condemned World Bank for terminating its loans to Uganda after Uganda rejected LGBTQ community, he thanked president M7 and parliament for standing bold in passing the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law.

"We can survive without these loans as long as the conditions are against our culture, religion and norms. President M7 should just fight corruption by closing all loopholes and avenues used by corrupt officials in the country"- Said Bishop Kiganda.

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