Nandala Fires Back At Speaker Among: Don't Poke Your Nose Into FDC Internal Operations, Ssemujju Was Sacked Legally.


Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has written to the speaker of parliament clarifying that the party followed the lawful procedures to relieve of the Kira municipality legislator Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda duties as the party whip replacing him with Mawokota south legislator Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi.

In a letter dated 17th, August, 2023, signed by the party Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi in response to the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Annita Among letter declining to effect the changes, the party stated that the FDC cabinet which is the party’s working committee of the National Executive Committee (NEC) under article 22 sitting of 195th which sat on Monday, 7th, August, 2023 under min: 3,07082023 took a decision to replace Ssemujju with hon. Nsibambi just like it appointed the former in its sitting of  169th  which sat on Wednesday, 26th, May, 2021, Min: 2,26052021.

Hon. Nandala stated that the speaker’s letter clearly exhibited that parliament is meddling in internal party operations which is against the political parties and organisations act as amended.

“As FDC we are not removing Hon. Ssemujju as a member of parliament but rather removing him from the assignment we gave him as a party. According to section 6(1) of the administration of parliament act as amended, a party may appoint a party whip. Also according to the rules of procedure of the parliament of Uganda Whips are appointed by parties.” Reads the letter in parties

It further reads “Madam Speaker, we followed the internal procedures, party constitution and political party’s organisations act as amended, members of parliament are not the party”

It should be noted that Speaker Among relied on a petition by nine out of the 31 FDC legislators asking the speaker to halt the changes, accusing the party Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi of taking the decision without consulting the Party’s National Executive Committee.

However, Nandala said that the speaker was misled since the functions of the National Executive Committee under article 21, 21(b) receives reports from the working committee which are the actions taken. Adding that even the petitioners petitioned a wrong office since the party was never served nor did the petitioner quote the sections of the party constitution violated thus they should direct their petition to the party or court not parliament.

In the same letter, Nandala clarified that the person who communicates the Whip appointment is authorized by the party and in FDC it happens to be the secretary General under article 28(4)

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