"I Am The New Head Teacher 0f Mbale School For The Deaf And I Will Assume Office On Monday Next Week"- Wandulu Dismus.

"I don't know why Sister Rose is resisting a transfer, these transfers are normal as long as you are a public servant. I've been a headmaster in Namawanga Secondary School for seven (7) years and I have all the experience to manage Mbale School for the deaf"- Mr. Wandulu Dismas, Head Master Namawanga. 

One would ask oneself what is so special about this special needs School known as Mbale School for the Deaf, a school surrounded by a million sagas that have seen almost every commissioner, district leader, parliamentarian, state house official, and minister set eyes on it.



On the 23rd of August 2023, the Ministry of Education and Sports permanent secretary Made Transfers which again brought mixed reactions both in the community in Busoba Sub-county and in the 11th parliament. 

While in an exclusive with Mr Wandulu, he disclosed to us that he is to assume office at Mbale School for the Deaf on Monday 4th September 2023 according to the appointment letter which was issued to him. "The Mbale District DEO, CAO, Inspector of schools, and all leaders have acknowledged that I am the new Head Master at the School of the Deaf. I don't want to anticipate or follow up on what is taking place in parliament between the Education officials and a team of members of parliament seating on the committee of Education and sports" - Wandulu.

Yesterday, a committee at parliament quizzed officials from the Ministry of Education concerning the transfers which were made and it was suggested that these transfers should be halted pending investigations.

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