Akaboozi FM & Parliament Reporter -Journalist Jude Bakenya Sleeps In Coolers On Alleged Cases Of Malicious & False Information


Journalist Jude Bukenya, a senior reporter at parliament and talk-show host at Akaboozi slept in coolers at CPS in kampala after being arrested by parliament police yesterday 4th September 2023.

According to Sam Ibanda Mugabi, the president of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA), Bukenya was arrested by parliament police and handed over to CPS in Kampala where he slept.

"The leadership of UPPA is following up on the matter, and we hope to have him released sooner,' - Mugabi said.

Jude  Hosting a political talk show on Radio 1 Akaboozi 

The reason for his arrest is not clear though it is being speculated that he is accused of spreading malicious & wrong information on a powerful Government official.

 "I am told he was spreading some fake information about one top Government official" - Ibanda.

Our team of senior Journalists at freeman News-UG headed by Arnold Freeman Musamali are on the ground and shall keep you updated on this story.

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