Kyabazinga Finally Unveils Adorable Queen Mutesi.

Busoga Kingdom officially unveils the Inebantu (Queen of Busoga), Jovia Mutesi.

The royal wedding is set for Saturday, 18th November, 2023 at Christ Cathedral, Bugembe. 

Mama Mutesi Jovia inhe bantu

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In a historic announcement made today by the Prime Minister of Busoga Kingdom, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, Busoga rejoices as it officially welcomes Her Royal Highness, the Inhebantu of Busoga, Jovia Mutesi. 

This momentous occasion marks a significant chapter in the rich cultural heritage of the Busoga Kingdom, with traditional ceremonies successfully concluding earlier in the day.

Following the completion of these traditional ceremonies, preparations are now in full swing for the Isebantu to present his beloved wife at the Christ Cathedral Bugembe on Saturday, November 18, 2023, for the celebration of Holy Matrimony. 

This auspicious occasion will also serve as the grand unveiling of the Inhebantu to the people of Busoga and a global audience.

Speaking on behalf of the people of Busoga and the surrounding regions, as well as in a personal capacity, heartfelt congratulations are extended to the Isebantu Kyabazinga and the Inhebantu on this momentous decision to form a family, which beautifully aligns with the cherished Kisoga culture. 

This union symbolizes the profound cultural roots of our King and Queen and signifies the long-anticipated missing piece in the Busoga Kingdom’s tapestry. 

It is with unwavering confidence that we anticipate a future adorned with blessings.

Appreciation is extended to both sets of parents for their invaluable role in nurturing these remarkable individuals who have now come together in matrimony. Their contributions to this journey are deeply acknowledged and celebrated.

A heartfelt commendation is also extended to the dedicated team that worked diligently behind the scenes to bring this cherished moment to fruition.


The entourage that accompanied His Majesty is lauded for their dedication and service to the Kingdom.

A plea is extended to Basoga around the world to include the Isebantu and the Inhebantu in their daily prayers. 

May the divine blessings of God/Allah continue to grace this new union, which Busoga has longed for, and may the sacred institution of the Busoga Kingdom flourish under their stewardship.

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