Ministry Maintains Wandulu As The New Headteacher At Mbale School For The Deaf Amidst State Houses Investigations.

While appearing before the Committee of Education and Sports on Tuesday 5th September 2023, Ms. Ketty Lamaro, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports revealed that the transfer of the headteacher at Mbale School for the Deaf stands amidst investigations.


The Parliamentary Committee on Education and Sports while in a committee, tasked officials from the Ministry of Education to explain the circumstances under which Wandulu Dismas Samuel was transferred to the Mbale School For The Deaf yet he was being investigated on by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit over corruption in Namawanga Secondary school, where he has been a head teacher for seven (7) years.

Ms. Ketty Lamaro assured parliament that the transfers were genuinely done after three names were presented to the ministry by Mbale District Chief Administrative officer.

"Our transfers will stand, transfers are normal as long as you are working for the Government. We received three (3) Names from the office of CAO Mbale and Wandulu Dismus was selected to replace sister Rose Nelima. Our transfers are not made on the influence of members of parliament" - Ketty While responding to the committee at parliament.

Her response sparked friction among members of parliament who bubbled at her for undermining them.

Hon Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga, a committee member tasked the PS to explain why the ministry has gone ahead with the transfer process yet they had previously agreed to halt it.

"Why do you take us for granted, are you more powerful than parliament and this committee at large? If I may ask, why is the ministry so much interested in taking Wandulu to this school? Is it a do or die?" - Ssewungu to PS Ketty.

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We were able to land on a document where Mr. Wandulu Dismus responded to the Ministry of Education concerning irregularities at Namawanga Secondary School.

Below is the detailed response  

The issue of the transfer of the head teacher at Mbale School For The Deaf is still on halt pending Investigations.

This was suggested by the Committee of Education at parliament and the state Minister of Higher Education, Hon. Chrystom Muyigo.

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