"No Transfer At The Mbale School For The Deaf" - Parliament Committee to PS Ministry of Education As It Grills Commissioner Bugoosi.

The Parliament Committee of Education and Sports has maintained its decision to halt the transfer of Sister Rose Nelima from Mbale School for the Deaf, replacing him with Mr. Wandulu Smuel Dismus, the Headteacher at Namawanga Secondary School.

The decision was made today 5th September 2023, when the Committee was grilling officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports. 

While responding to allegations of fueling strikes and chaos at the Mbale School For the Deaf, Commissioner Special Needs denied associating herself with such acts.

"I have never instructed any Deaf student to conduct any strike, Yes I visited the school but this was not even the first time for me to visit it, As a commissioner, I've got a right to access the school at any time and my going to this school was to establish the real problems and challenge faced by deaf students and teachers" -  Bugoosi.  

She further revealed that the transfer of Sister Rose Nelima is a normal transfer like any other and it has no bad blood as claimed by Minister Muyingo in the previous committee seating. 

It should be noted that this is the 2nd time the committee is sitting to resolve issues concerning irregularities and unfair transfers at the Mbale School For The Deaf. 

Last week on Friday, the committee together with the State Minister of Higher Education, Hon. Chrystom  Muyingo agreed to halt the transfer pending investigations into irregularities at the Ministry of  Education and Sports.

Things almost got out of control when the Education permanent secretary, Ms. Ketty Lamaro disclosed to the committee that the ministry will still maintain the transfer regardless of what has been agreed on. 

"We are going to have a transfer amidst the investigations, Transfers are normal and it is our mandate as the ministry to make transfers not you members of parliament" -Ms. Ketty Lamaro.

This response annoyed Hon. Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga who bubbled flames.

Hon Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga, who is a committee member tasked the PS to explain why the ministry has gone ahead with the transfer process yet they had previously agreed to halt it.

"Why do you take us for granted, are you more powerful than parliament and this committee at large? If I may ask, why is the ministry so much interested in taking Wandulu to this school? Is it a do or die?" - Ssewungu to PS Ketty.

In conclusion,  the Committee maintained its previous decision of  'No" transfer till investigations are done.

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