Prof. Nawangwe to kick out 300 Business owners out of Makerere University, Eviction Case before Court of Appeal pending Judgement.



Last year in August, the Court blocked the eviction of Makerere University Businesses.

Justice Wamala said the members had established that there was a need to preserve the existing state of affairs since they were still in occupation of the businesses at the University. 

Yesterday, 24 September 2023, a whistleblower tipped off business owners how the University Vice-chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe was plotting to kick them out by the end of next week.

"Nawangwe wants to evict 3000 people who own businesses in Makerere. The case was decided last month however there is an appeal at the court of appeal which even Makereere is aware of and has responded to. Makerere has no orders cleared by police headquarters as directed by the Inspect General of Police, rather Nawangwe is using thugs to evict those People and students have mobilized to attack them too" - Said one of the Businessman name withheld. 

According to Makerere Business Owners Association Limited says there is an appeal in court pending a Judgment ruling on the 20th of November 2023. 

"Why should an institution Invoke such illegal means which shall cause bloodshed, Why can't they wait for judgment from the Court of Appeal"- Edias Asiimwe.

What you need to know:

On July 4th, 2022, the University Council resolved to terminate all business activities at the campus, except the companies contracted to provide catering services to students and the souvenir shop under the Makerere University Endowment Fund.

The decision was based on the findings that numerous business activities that operate within the campus did not relate to the University's core functions and operate in non-designated spaces including building corridors and foyers. 

As a result a result, the association sued the University, contending that the resolution to evict its members without being heard, was tainted with illegality irrationality, and procedurally improper.

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