Nnabagereka takes her delegation to meet president M7 In State House, A month after the Abataka.

President Museveni yesterday 23rd September 2023, received a delegation from the Buganda kingdom at the State House in Entebbe.

The Deligation was led by Mama Nnabagereka (queen) of Buganda kiganda kingdom.

"I received Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka and her delegation at State House, Entebbe. We discussed ways to harness culture for peace and development (Reviving Obuntubulamu). I urged them to audit culture and promote positive traditions and practices; for example, can we discipline children without killing their inquisitiveness and initiative?" - M7.

In August 2023, the Abataka met president Museveni at statehouse,which led to mixed feelings in Buganda Kingdom.

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