Dorah exposes Bruno K’s request for abortion amidst failed relationship.


Dorah broke the silence about her failed relationship with Bruno K after the latter reportedly uttered slanderous words against her family that didn’t sit down well with her.

Bruno K and Dorah were childhood friends and tried to date each other while still in high school although things failed to work out at the time.

Eventually, last year in August when they met again, things somehow clicked and they have dated since and only broke up three months back.

Dorah explains that during their dating period, she got pregnant, and when Bruno K got to know about it, he started pestering her to abort the pregnancy.

She notes that Bruno K asked her to abort the pregnancy stating that he was not financially stable and didn’t want to add another child to his responsibilities.

In the interview she conducted on Bukedde TV, the 34-year-old businesswoman asserted that Bruno K so far has three children with different women adding that her child who is still in the womb is his fourth.

Dorah insisted and declined aborting the child saying at her age, she needed a second child since her first child is now seven (7) years old yet she is 34 years old now.

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