18 nonexistent Health Centers & 75 ghost health workers discovered in Manafwa On Gov't payroll.

The State House Health Monitoring team discovers 18 nonexistent health facilities still receiving payroll funds and identified 75 ghost health workers in Manafwa District.

This revelation came after a tragic incident at Bugobero Health Center IV, where a mother died in labor due to staff negligence, demanding a fee of Shs200,000 before assisting her.

Dr. Julian Nabatanzi, Deputy Director of the State House Health Monitoring Unit, shared that their two-month mission revealed numerous issues. They exposed the existence of 18 ghost health facilities with 75 ghost health workers still on the public service payroll.

The situation at Bugobero Health Center IV was alarming, with Dr. Julian highlighting indiscipline among staff leading to increased child and maternal deaths. From February to July, eight children had died, six due to staff negligence.

She expressed concern about poor hygiene and doctors' absenteeism, attending only five days per month. Dr. Julian also revealed theft and the sale of government drugs at Bugobero Health Center IV, along with forgery of receipts amounting to approximately 30 million Shillings.

Local residents echoed these concerns, with Kakai Miria Weloye lamenting that health workers demanded money for even basic services, neglecting patients. Rebecca called for the transfer of existing staff to Gulu and the replacement with more dedicated professionals.

Tom Simere pointed out that health workers were uncooperative, raising questions about their remuneration. The situation calls for urgent intervention to improve healthcare services in Manafwa district.

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