"After withdrawing the Ambulance that I had donated in Koboko, I sold it off when I lost the election"- Minister Anite.

  "I am shameless to the extent that I sold the Ambulance which I had donated to Koboko."- Minister Evelyn Anite.

Privatisation state minister Evelyn Anite has received criticism from the public for retrieving an ambulance she had donated to Koboko municipality after losing the 2021 election. 

Anite explained her decision on social media, stating that she took back the ambulance because the people of Koboko did not vote for her, and she cited a biblical reference to support her actions.

Anite had originally donated the ambulance to help transport mothers to health centers, aiming to reduce maternal fatalities, home deliveries, and combat fistula among women.

However, her unapologetic stance sparked backlash on social media. Many users expressed their disapproval of her decision, with some calling it selfish and morally questionable.

In response to the criticism, Anite defended herself, pointing out that the ambulance donation was conditional. She also mentioned that she had faced significant challenges and disappointment after losing the election, and her decision should be understood in that context.

Anite handed over the ambulance to the Municipal Health Centre IV department on September 7, 2020, and committed to covering the driver’s salary for six months. However, there was no formal communication when the ambulance disappeared from the parking yard following her electoral defeat.

At the time, Koboko district had seven operational ambulances, while Health Centre IV had none. Anite had lost in the National Resistance Movement party primaries and later conceded defeat, citing irregularities. She chose not to run as an independent candidate in the January 2021 election.

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