BREAKING NEWS: 900 killed in Israel, 690 in Gaza.

 The death toll in Hamas-Israel counter-attacks is rising.  The death toll in Israel has increased to 900 people until the last news.  And the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza has reached 700.

 On Monday night, the BBC reported, an Israeli embassy spokesman told the US news network CBS that the death toll in the attack in Israel now stands at 900.

 About 690 Palestinians, including 140 children and 105 women, were killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesperson.

 The armed group Hamas suddenly attacked Israel last Saturday morning.  In response, Israeli troops began attacking Gaza.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke from southern Israel and warned that the country would use "tremendous force" against Hamas.

 Earlier on Monday, Israel's defense minister announced the imposition of a total blockade on the Gaza Strip.  He also ordered to stop the supply of food, fuel, electricity and water there.

 Hamas' armed group Al-Qashem Brigades has threatened to kill Israeli hostages without warning unless they stop bombing Gaza and killing innocent civilians.

 Nine US citizens have been confirmed killed in a Hamas attack in Israel, while more than 10 British nationals are feared dead.

 Dozens of people are being held hostage by Hamas.  Family and relatives are looking for them.

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