Opposition MPs demand an apology from Gov't, vow not to attend any plenary unless a statement is issued.

The opposition members of parliament led by the leader of Opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, have vowed not to step again in any plenary sitting until government issues a statement and an apology to them regarding the attack on NUP party headquarters on independence day where some of their leaders including Joel Senyonyi, Lewis Rubongoya, religious leaders among others were arrested and taken to police.

Speaking before members of the fourth estate today, the leader of opposition Hon.Mathias Mpuuga said the act of launching an attack on their headquarters showed the high levels of impunity and disrespect aimed towards them, something he says will not be entertained.


"Us stepping out of parliament yesterday isn't an act of weakness but it was act of resilience, strength, commitment and a message out there that we shall not accept any attack on our headquarters, abuse of our leaders with impunity." He revealed 

It's from this context that he's come out to urge the government to provide a reasonable statement on the floor of parliament including an apology regarding the manner in which their party offices were raided by their security officers.

"now that we walked out yesterday afternoon,we are here to demand of government that we are still demanding for a statement on the floor of the house and that statement must bear an apology, a commitment and an undertaking that those actions won't be repeated again”he said

Mpuugas also stressed that, there is space in the law and common sense that whatever government has been doing with impunity has no basis of law but actions of impunity, adding that as members of parliament they are not going to look on as such acts happen.

Opposition MPs yesterday decided to walk out of plenary which was being chaired by the deputy speaker of parliament R.t Hon. Thomas Tayebwa after government failed to issue any statement regarding its actions against members of National unity platform on independence day where many were arrested at the headquarters while preparing for prayers.

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