Prison Officers To Get Free Financial Literacy Training From Stanbic Bank

Prison Officers To Get Free Financial Literacy Training From Stanbic Bank

Prison Officers and their spouses will get free financial literacy Stanbic Bank Uganda has launched a financial literacy training to enhance their personal economic progress, this, courtesy of a new programme launched on Wednesday by Stanbic Bank in partnership with the Uganda Prisons Authority.

The programme follows discussions between Johnson Byabashaijja, the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons and Anne Juuko, the Stanbic Chief Executive.

managing wealth been a big challenge to many people no matter their ranks or level of educations.

He advised Prisons staff to stay away from mediocrity and other unethical trends ifthey want to have financial independence.

“There are basic principles everyone in employment need to respect if he/she ever dreams of making a financial breakthrough. First, time management; how do you manage the 16 hours out of office daily? This matters because what you always do will shape your character and shape your competencies.

Again, you also need to use the eight hours you spend in office to build your competencies which will make you more productive during the 16 hours,” Ocici said.

He cited lack of planning, keeping bad company and lack of discipline as some of the factors keeping many people in poverty.

Nelson Kasada, the Programmes Manager at the Stanbic Business Incubator spoke on the training opportunities the bank offers to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“In your free time, come to the Business Incubator in Kololo and learn more at no cost. We offer enterprise development training aimed at enhancing local SMEs’ capacities and promote business resilience and sustainability,” he said.

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