Human rights chairperson Wagadya petitions gov't over land in bulambuli district.

The chairperson of the Uganda human rights commission has requested government to come and rescue the land which belongs to Nabongo sub county in bulambuli.

Mrs Miriam is a born of this sub county in bulambuli district.

This petition follows various cases of the same issue matter.

Currently bulambuli is facing alot of land cases and the government has given it a deaf ear. Iast month a one person called Khisa Bosco went missing and upto now he is never found. This matter has caused tension in the district after people realizing that their leaders are involved.

The local people even wrote to state house anti corruption to come and investigate this matter because they are scared that they might lose their land.

Our sources confirm that the strong political figures in bulambuli district are involved in these land scandals.

Mrs Miriam Wagadya has opened the door for justice in bulambuli and we are yet to confirm what will happen in the forthcoming days.

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