"I Did Not Ask For 200M From Inebantu's Father As Daily Monitor Alleges "- Embattled Journalis Musamali Aka Freeman Responds.


Embattled Journalist Musamali Arnold Freeman has put a disclaimer on allegations that he attempted to extort 200 million shillings from Inebantu's father, Mr. Bayoole, who doubles as the Resident District Commissioner Of Bulambuli District. 

It should be noted that last week, Musamali Arnold, was arrested from Mbale District on cases of computer Misuse act-related cases. 

He was detained at Mbale Central police stations on orders of Mr. Bayole Moses, the father of Inebantu Jovia Mutesi and also the RDC of Bulambuli. 

After spending four days in coolers  Musamali aka Freeman was offered a Police bond. 

Sharing his jail story with our publication, Musamali has disclaimed that he never at any point asked for any fee from the royal family. "

I don't remember asking any money from Daada wa Busoga, Mr Bayoole Mose as alleged by Mr Enanga and Daily Monitor, I am professional and I don't ask for money to publish or not to publish stories''- Musamali. 

He further said that as far as he knows, he only consulted on Mr. Bayoole on what had circulated in media, concerning the Inebantu's real father.  

"As a professional pressman, I couldn't write based on hearsay, it is true I called Mr Boyoole and also had a Whatsapp chat with him, though the chat wasn't about money as it is alleged. I was open to him and asked if he has a response to the allegations" -Musamali. 

Musamali further said that, unfortunately, Mr. Boyoole got him wrongly and instead filed a case of computer Misuse and Cybercrime against him.

"It was so ethical for me to Appologise to Busoga, the Kyabazinga, Inebantu, Dadda wa Busoga, and the whole country at large coz at times there is no story worthy of your life"- Musamali.

Musamali said that what confuses him is part of a 200 million framework on him.
"I bet You, let them provide proof that I requested for 200m, it should either be in Audio recordings or WhatsApp screen shoots. Let people not take my apology for granted by again framing me in money fraud"- Musamali.

He further claimed that his statement at the police was very clear, therefore the Uganda police spokesperson, Mr. Fred Enanga would have used it to give the country the right information rather than relying on propaganda and hearsay.

Finally, Musamali wished the Kyabazinga all the best in his new marriage and pledged to work together with the Kingdom by offering positive publications about the Kingdom of Busoga for a better Uganda.

Story By: Becky Nakintu.

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