UPC officially kickstarts campaigns for Dokolo by-elections, promises to fight voter fraud.

Following the full nomination of UPC’s flag bearer for Dokolo woman member of parliament seat Sarah Aguti Nyangkori last Monday, the party is expected to kickstart their campaigns today alongside the party president Hon. Jimmy Akena.

According to the party spokesperson Sharon Oyat Arach, the campaign mobilisation team shall start from Amwoma and Dokolo sub-counties following the harmonisation of the candidates’ campaign program by the Electoral Commission today.

“We must appreciate the party president Hon. Jimmy Akena, the entire leadership and membership of the subregion especially Dokolo for spearheading the nomination exercise.” Sharon said

“We want to congratulate our candidate for going through the nomination exercise smoothly.” She added

Arach also appealed to the electorate and all people in Dokolo District to rally behind their candidate Sarah Aguti whose central message is anchored on addressing their welfare, thus transforming both their lives and communities.

“This puts Sarah Aguti Nyangkori in a better position to represent and deliver the necessary service to the people of Dokolo.” She said

She further urged their campaign team and all UPC members, to continue with the same solidarity, sacrifice, organisation and comradeship spirit that has been exhibited so far.

“We encourage you to be more committed and hardworking than ever before.” Said the party spokesperson

Arach also disclosed that as UPC they will not tolerate any plans of vote rigging basing on the lessons learned from the previous Oyam North by-election.

“The Party is going to be on ground until the last vote is cast, counted and declared. The voice of the people of Dokolo should be heard without any interferences.” She stated

Its against the above background that Arach, called upon all the stakeholders in Dokolo by-election to play their part accordingly and ensure free, fair and peaceful elections.

She concluded by wishing all the Muslim community a successful holy month of Ramadan that commenced on Monday.

“We encourage all people of goodwill to come out and offer any kind of necessary support to enable our people in the Islamic community observing this holy month of Ramadan. May Allah accept your fasting! Radam Kareem.” Arach said

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