OPINION: Indeed We Have To Congratulate Hajjat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo For Being The Breeding Centre Of NRM Cadres.

"Almost a third of deployed officers have been her staffs with whom she spotted from nowhere, others who were dumped by the same nrm bosses were also recalled"-Buyela Christopher.

ONC⁩ Now is like an express highway road to success in NRM for cadre identification and deployment.

I have realized that once you support the Bazukulu movement,  support Hadijah, and expose the intrigue and impunity in Nrm you stand a chance of being deployed so that you keep quiet and not show impunity. 

You can see the voice of the voiceless who exposed how the Busoga Sub-region managed to deploy 52 rdcs and other regions only 10 below are now taken so he keeps quiet about such.
Where does this leave the royal, faithful, committed, and poor NRM cadres?
Those in big offices want to eat it all and assume all offices. 

I saw Majambere on the list of appointed assistant RDC's and I remembered the day he opened his big buttocks on Camera and asked myself what image is it showing out to the elite class and the destination of the NRM cadres.

Who will listen to him because he was sponsored to stand on TV and abuse Hajat Namyalo when he was deployed?

For some of the people who worked in the former ONC, Mk foot soldiers and nrm media personnel appointed congratulations upon this appointment.

The writer is the Bugisu-Sub region ONC Coordinator and a senior NRM carder.

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