Opinion:The Fall of Hajji Mafabi Sulieman Lumolo: A Lesson in Loyalty and Betrayal in NRM

In the heart of Sironko District, Haji Lumolo Mafabi Sulieman stood as a towering figure, the unwavering NRM chairman of Bugisu Sub-region. His dedication to the party was unquestionable, his loyalty to President Museveni, unyielding. For years, Lumolo had poured his resources into promoting the NRM cause, from funding party activities to spearheading the construction of NRM offices across the district.

But as the winds of political change swept through the corridors of power, Lumolo found himself at the mercy of shifting allegiances. The appointment of Hon Nambozo Florence as Minister for Karamoja signaled a seismic shift in dynamics. Lumolo, once the president's strongest ally in Bugisu, now found himself sidelined, replaced by a new face in the political arena.

The news sent shockwaves through Bugisu, leaving Lumolo's supporters disillusioned and disheartened. If Lumolo, the stalwart champion of NRM in the region, could be cast aside so easily, what hope did they have? The whispers of betrayal grew louder, echoing through the hills and valleys of Sironko.

For Lumolo, the sting of abandonment was bitter. He had dedicated his life to the NRM cause, only to be discarded like yesterday's news. The once proud chairman now found himself at a crossroads, grappling with the harsh reality of political expediency.

But the impact extended far beyond Lumolo himself. His fall from grace served as a cautionary tale for NRM supporters across the district. They had invested their time, their money, and their loyalty in the party, only to be met with betrayal and indifference.

As the dust settled, a sense of disillusionment settled over Bugisu. The once fervent supporters of NRM now questioned their allegiance, doubting whether their sacrifices had been in vain. The specter of Lumolo's fate loomed large, a stark reminder of the fickle nature of politics.

In the end, Lumolo's downfall was more than just a personal tragedy – it was a wake-up call for those who believed in the promise of NRM. The lesson was clear: loyalty could be bought and sold, and in the ruthless game of politics, even the most steadfast allies could be used, dropped, and dumped without a second thought.

Auther: Wamimbi Isaac Livingston 

The Author is a senior politician in Bugisu and a great supporter of Mr Mafabi Lumolo.

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