Speaker Calls On UCC To Investigate Malicious Social Media Attacks Against Her


peaker Among expressed concern over the misuse of social media, suggesting that those spreading negativity may be in need of prayers.

Speaker Anita Among has called upon the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to launch an investigation into the origins of malicious information circulating on social media, targeting her following accusations that she berated David Bahati, Minister of State for Industries, during a plenary session discussing protests by traders against government-imposed high taxes.

“I am lucky that I am not on social media because I don’t like stress. There was something written on social media circulating that yesterday, I barked at Minister Bahati, as being one of the worst Ministers incapable of running the Ministry of Trade, that is why traders are striking. This is very false, very untrue, and too malicious. I want UCC to investigate this and I want to get the sponsors of this,” said Speaker Among.

In response to the negative online discourse, Speaker Among expressed concern over the misuse of social media, suggesting that those spreading negativity may be in need of prayers.

“There are people who are monopolizing the use of social media to destroy other people. Minister Bahati is one Minister who is permanently here. How can you attack such a Minister? I think there is a problem in this country? There is misuse of social media, I think you people need prayers. How can you start abusing social media to that extent?” she remarked.

The Speaker’s recent actions come amidst ongoing controversies surrounding her alleged involvement in unnecessary expenditures and misuse of taxpayers’ money, including reports of irregularities in the allocation and utilization of funds for community outreach activities overseen by her office.

Netizens, particularly on social media platforms, have called for Among’s resignation in light of revelations regarding significant sums of money spent on dubious items and questionable financial transactions reportedly occurring within the parliamentary framework.

President Museveni has come to Speaker Among’s defense, attributing the attacks against her to individuals sponsored by what he described as “homosexuals and traitors.” Museveni denounced those he termed as traitors, accusing them of working for foreign interests and seeking to undermine Uganda’s sovereignty.

“How can you talk so much on social media about Anita Among, how about those working for foreigners? We are going to expose those traitors,” Museveni asserted.

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