LOP Driver crashes Ssenyonyi's Official Vehicle Twice Amid Allegations of Recall

David Ssebulime, the official driver of Leader of the Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi, has been involved in the collision of the government vehicle for the second time within a month. Ssebulime is part of the new staff recruited by the LOP to improve office operations.

The vehicle, registered as UG 0297 H, is currently undergoing maintenance in the government's official garage and is expected to be back in service by the week's end.

These incidents coincide with claims from a section of National Unity Platform supporters that Parliament withdrew the LOP's official vehicle due to disagreements between presiding officers and the opposition. Ssenyonyi had to resort to using his personal vehicle amidst these tensions.

The reckless driving incidents have prompted concerns among officials, questioning Ssebulime's suitability for the job.

Sources within Parliament reveal that Ssebulime had previously crashed the vehicle earlier this month, raising initial concerns.

The damage to the LOP's official vehicle, particularly the bumper, suggests it was likely caused by a collision during reverse driving.

Efforts are underway by Parliament, through the official D.J auto garage, to ensure the vehicle's maintenance for the safe movement of the institutional leader.

However, Ssenyonyi has alleged an assassination attempt due to the driver's reckless driving, a claim disputed by some of his supporters on social media who falsely assert the vehicle was recalled.

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