Mafia in state house signed for my 325m you promised to me in 2012 - a one Nakakande spills the beans before president M7.

A famer in Masaka District has exposed state house for eating her donation of 325 million shillings which was given to her by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 2012.

A famer only identified as Nakakande has told president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that she never got her three hundred and twenty five million  (325) she was promised.  

"My money was signed by state house officials & it was eaten. In 2012, you, me and madam Nakyobe used a chopper from my farm in Masaka to state house in Entebbe, upon getting in state house, you ordered officials to give me 325m, they told me to hold on but sooner had you left than I was told to come back the next day, little did I know that a group of wrong people were planning to eat my money. After a month, I went back and I was surprised that my name was in the computer showing how I had received my money, I collapsed and only to wake up when I am in Entebbe hospital"- Nakakande.

Responding to her, president Yoweri Museveni was surprised to hear that Nakakande had never received her money yet on records money was released. He therefore directed state house comptroller to handle her issue as soon as possible. 

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President Yoweri Museveni has appreciated the people of greater Masaka for embracing his wealth creation gospel by engaging in commercial agriculture.

The President who is currently on an Investment and Wealth Creation tour in Greater Masaka under the theme: “Securing your future through wealth creation and shared prosperity” on Tuesday addressed leaders who converged at Masaka liberation square in Masaka city.

“It seems in Masaka, the ground has been fertile. When I was driving around, I was seeing many other people doing well. It seems many people in this area have woken up,” H.E Museveni said, adding that this was the only missing link right from the 1960’s where although many people had resources like land and cows, they did not have money and good houses.

“We started preaching wealth creation starting with the cattle corridor in 1966. When we came into government in 1986, we resumed that campaign. I was sure that if it can succeed in the cattle corridor then it can succeed anywhere,” the President added.

Gen. Museveni said in 1995, he made a countrywide tour focusing on wealth creation (okulembeka) and in 1996 manifesto they proposed the 4 acres model for Coffee, fruits, pasture for zero grating cows and food for home consumption. This in addition to poultry for eggs or piggery in the backyard and fishponds for those near the swamps.

The President was happy to learn that the people of Masaka are among the many that grasped this wealth creation gospel equating them to the story in the Bible “The Parable of the Sower” in the book of Mathew where seeds that fell on the fertile ground germinated well and those on barren ground could not make it.

Prior to meeting the leaders, the President visited several commercial farmers and youth groups in coffee production while adding value to it.

These included a group of 401 well educated group of people in Kakunyu with 120 acres of coffee and bananas who are earning 8 million per acre from coffee. In Kyannamukaaka the President met a group of 2,500 youth with coffee farms but also engaged in coffee processing.

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