Trouble: Education & Sports Committee At Parliament Pins Commissioner Bugoosi For Fueling Conflicts At Mbale School For Deaf.

The controversial transfers made by the Ministry of Education and Sports at the School of the Deaf have brought mixed reactions both in the community in Busoba and in the Committee of Education and Sports at Parliament. 

This has also brought on the spotlight commissioner of Special needs at the Ministry of Education, Sarah Bugossi who has been accused of influencing and fueling several strikes in the school, The committee at parliament also established that Commissioner Bugoosi had a self-interest in the transfers which were recently made. 

While appearing before the committee on the 30th of August 2023, the minister of state higher Education, Hon. Chrysostom Muyingo pinned Bugoosi on several irregularities including corruption.

Commissioner of Business Teachers Technical & Vocational Training, Safinah Museene assured Parliament that although Mr. Wandulu Dismus was among those vetted and found capable of heading the school, his transfer has been put on hold until the Investigations are concluded.

It should be noted that several strikes have happened at Mbale School of the Deaf ever since the year started. In April 2023, the Community in Busoba stormed the school accusing the head teacher, Sister Rose Nelima of Involving herself in Corruption and mismanagement of Government funds, it was later on, it was discovered that this was stage managed by the former board chairperson, Mr. Masiga Stephen. 

A month after the strike of the community in Busoba, Deaf students held a strike at the school, and after a week another strike was held in Kampala by old students, who claimed that Sister Rose Nelima was mistreating students and teachers.

This was later discovered that it was stage-managed by the commissioner of special needs, Sarah Bugoosi. 

Minister Muyingo assured parliament that investigations are ongoing against the commissioner, who is accused of fueling all the conflicts.

"The commissioner of special needs Education and the former chairperson Board of Governors, Mr. Stephen Masiga were the ones fueling disputes in the school," - Minister Muyingo to the committee.

Hon. Charles Onen recommended that the ministry should immediately remove Bugoosi from the ministry since she had been implicated in causing conflicts and corruption.

When given a chance to defend herself before the committee, Bugosi however denied the accusation claiming she was implementing the decisions undertaken by the ministry.

Our team from freeman News-UG has recovered a number of evidence pinning Bugosi for fueling all the confusion since 2022. We landed on a voice note where she was telling students that Sister Rose was planning to poison her together with students. 

We also landed on WhatsApp chats between the commissioner and a few teachers, where she was giving instructions on strikes.

"I don't have any friction with the School. I have visited the school many times, and I have not caused any commotion."- Bugoosi said.

This school is located in Busoba sub-county, Mbale District and it is one of the kinds in Eastern Uganda. It was started in 2008 as a presidential initiative to provide secondary education mainly for deaf students.

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