Minister Ssebuggwawo In A Dilemma As Kabaka Disowns Clan Leader Who Met M7.

The Kingdom of Buganda has revealed that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II did not greenlight a meeting between a section of Kingdom elders (Abataka) with President Yoweri Museveni.

Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga said on Monday that neither he, nor the King was consulted about the meeting at State House Entebbe.

The section of disgruntled Kingdom elders met with the President in April this year, and again a few days ago.

These were taken to the President by the Minister for ICT, Hon Joyce Ssebuggwawo Nabbosa.

During the meeting, Minister Ssebuggwawo told the President that the elders were “unhappy about the way they were being treated.”

These are the Abataka who feel like they are not being respected,” she said.

In yesterday’s Lukiiko, (Buganda Parliament) meeting, different representative tasked Mayiga to clarify about the said meeting.

We heard from the news that the President had bought a piece of land for the elders and wants to build them a house. We are wondering how matters of Abataka left to Bulange, the Palace, and ended up in a hotel,” said one of the representatives, Henry Mubiru.

In response, the Premier told the Lukiiko that at the time of the March meeting, he was out of the country.

I was in the US when I received a message from the Lukiiko Speaker (Twaha Kigongo Kaawaase) that the Abataka had gone to Entebbe,” Mayiga said.

I told him to consult with the Palace but the Palace also said they were unaware of the meeting.”

Mayiga expressed displeasure at State House for “skipping procedure” by inviting the Kingdom officials behind the Kingdom’s back.

If the President wanted to help them, he said, he should have followed the right process by requesting the meeting through the King.

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