Stanbic Bank Manager Mbale Branch Connives With Principal Assistant Secretary, Wanzala To Freeze Mbale School For The Deaf Account With Over 250m On It.

Stanbic Manager Mable Branch has been put in the spotlight for conniving with a District official to block Mbale School for the deaf account, for a yet-to-be-established reason.

The account blocked has over 250m Shillings on it according to our sources.

In a document above, the chairman Board of Governs at the School for the Deaf has written to the Mbale District Chief Administrative Officer Inquiring why one of its staff opted to freeze a School account with no Suitable reason.

According to the board, the CAO's office did not even consult with them while making this decision, nor did they give them a copy.

The board was surprised upon noticing that the CAO's office had Introduced Mr. Wandulu Dismus, as the New Signatory even before a handover process. 



On the 29th of  August 2023, Mr. Wanzala Anthony, the Principal Assistant Secretary, in the office of CAO in Mbale drafted a letter to Stanbic Bank Mbale, requesting them to suspend all transactions. In the document above, the PAS was doing it in favor of Mr. Wandulu Dismus, who had just been transferred to the school the previous day.

Our Investigation team at Freeman News- UG has been tipped off that Mr. Wanzala has been under pressure for drafting a letter without notifying his bosses as well as the accounting officers.

It should be noted earlier this Year, the District Education officer, Musungu Lydia also attempted to block the school account with no specific reason and without the consent of the School board.

The account was Unblocked on orders of state house Anti-corruption and investigation on her are still ongoing.

We've also landed on another document drafted by Mr. Wanzala ordering the bank to revoke the Accounts.

In digging deeper into the issue, Our team made inquiries on various officials at the office of the chief Administrative officer (CAO) and we discovered that the principal Assistant Secretary, Wanzala Anthony was doing this without the consent CAO and her Deputy.

"I am so surprised that I am also learning of this in Media, I've been out of the office for a while because I lost my brother. For sure I have no idea about this letter and neither did my deputy draft it as far as I know"-Lucy Frances Amulen (CAO).

She further informed us that action was going to be taken against whoever drafted the letter because it was done in the wrong process.

"Even the accounting officer was not informed, I totally don't understand the motive and Why Mr. Wanzala drafted the letter which could mess up Government Funds. I received  the transfer letter from the ministry confirming  that Mr. Wandulu Dismus was appointed new head teacher, Mbale School for the deaf but I had not made any move due to the pending ongoing investigations by Parliament and Ministry of  Education."- Lucy Frances Amule.


Previously, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports made transfers at Mbale School for the deaf, replacing Sister Rose Nelima, With Mr. Dismus Wandulu, the Head Master Namawanga Secondary School.

The transfer was not successful after parliament suggested that it should be halted due to ongoing investigations at Mbale School for the Deaf.

This school is located in Busoba sub-county, Mbale District and it is one of the kinds in Eastern Uganda. It was started in 2008 as a presidential initiative to provide secondary education mainly for deaf students.

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