Museveni hails ONC for role in Katonga Spirit, 79th birthday celebrations.


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on Friday, hailed the efforts of the coordinators in the office of the National Chairman (ONC) for the role they played in attracting thousands of Bazzukulu to celebrate Katonga battle veterans and his 79th birthday.

The President who was addressing a large crowd at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala, applauded the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo (Head of ONC), and the organising team for choosing wisely to combine his 79th birthday and the remembrance of the Katonga river veterans.

“I am glad you agreed to unite my 79 years of life with our struggle. In this case, the struggle of September 1985 (Katonga). I want to thank all those who fought in the Katonga battles and those who fought the battles before,” said the President.

Mr Museveni, the National Chairman of the ruling NRM further pledged to handle all their concerns as were tabled by Chief Muzzukulu, adding that the ruling government has a future plan to transform Uganda into a modern society.

To achieve this, the President urged every Ugandan to join the money economy and every young person to get the necessary education.

“There are two ways of creating a new society, One is by offering free education and the second way is to stop working only for the stomach. We want everybody to work for the stomach and also for the pocket. This is how we shall get a modern society,” Museveni said a mid a large crown of NRM supporters at Kololo.

“We don’t want a peasant to produce another peasant. That is very bad. Therefore, all of you who are here, you should know that this is our plan for the future,” added the President.

Speaking of the 1985 Katonga Battle, the President narrated to the Bazzukulu that the turmoil that Uganda went through before the NRA captured power in 1986 could have been avoided if the then leaders had listened to what the people were telling them.

“Ugandans should know those wars were totally unnecessary. We could have had total peace but some people decided to go for sectarianism. The suffering we went through could have been avoided. We could have negotiated and solved these issues without shedding blood but others didn’t want to listen to us and didn’t want democracy. That’s why we had to fight until we got victory,” Museveni said.

The President also reminded his beloved bazzukulu that they can secure the future they want by engaging themselves in commercial agriculture, industries and ICT in a bid to curb poverty from their homes.

On her part, the Vice President, Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo said the event not only marked a significant milestone in the history of Uganda but also served as a reminder of the indomitable spirits and unwavering commitment displayed by those who fought tirelessly for the liberation and progress of Uganda.

“Your Excellency, the visionary leadership that you provided during the struggle enabled the revolutionary fighters of Katonga to embark on a courageous journey to reclaim our sovereignty and establish a prosperous Uganda,” she said.

According to Ms. Alupo, the battle of Katonga, fought with unwavering determination and sacrifice, symbolizes the triumph of the human spirit and the resilience of a united people.

“Today, as we look back on the heroic deeds of the past, we are reminded of the immense challenges that we are to overcome and the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who resisted oppression and injustice,” she said.

Speaking as the Chief Muzzukulu, Hajjat Namyalo said that September 08 celebrations were aimed at celebrating the President’s 79th birthday and paying tribute to the Katonga war heroes who fought tooth and nail to ensure peace and freedom prevail in Uganda.

“Today, we gather here to express our heartfelt gratitude and profound admiration for the brave men and women who served our nation with utmost valour. They sacrificed their comfort to protect the freedoms we hold here,” said Ms Namyalo.

The National Coordinator of the ONC further reminded Jajja Museveni that the Bazzukulu will have no negotiations on his return as Uganda’s President in 2026.

”Dear President we are here today in this huge number to remind you that we want you to come back in 2026 and lead us. On issues of your coming back, we have no negotiations with any person. We only know that it’s only you who is capable. Therefore, Omalayo Jajja, Tova Ku Ballot,” Hajjat Namyalo said amid ululations from the crowd.

The event organized by the Bazzukulu in conjunction with the Kyambogo ONC office was characterized by excess food and drinks, and entertainment exhibitions, which left the bazzukulu praising Hajjat Namyalo and her team for being wonderful organizers.

Among the notable guests of the day were the former Ugandan vice-presidents, Mr Gilbert Bukenya and Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

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