Basoga Vow To Withdraw From ABSA Bank For Humiliating Their Kyabazinga

A controversial public notice by the Absa Bank turning down an invitation to the Kyabazinga royal wedding scheduled for next month has stirred public anger against the Bank all over Busoga.

It’s been claimed that the royal wedding organizing committee had earlier extended the invitation along with a polite request for financial support to which the Bank responded by rejecting to extend the help while also turning down the request to attend.

In the October 13 dated letter signed by Ms Helen Basuuta Nangonzi, the Marketing and Customer Experience Director at the plot 2 Hannington Rd based bank, the Kingdom is notified of the administrative decision to turn down the invite on grounds that they will be engaged on the scheduled date.

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The notice has attracted widespread protests from the King’s subjects who have variously interpreted it as a conspiracy to humiliate not only the King but also the entire Kingdom.

Whereas the Bank has a right to choose whether to or not to attend the royal wedding and extend financial help or not, the public feels that publicising the decision was not done in good faith.

Waiswa Nasur, a bank subscriber from Iganga says the action of the Bank is regrettable and he feels overly offended and regrets his affiliation to the institution.

” I am overly disappointed because there is no reason whatsoever, for the Bank to publicly humiliate my king. I regret that I am a subscriber there,” he says.

Just like Waiswa, Ms Mutesi Mirabu from Bugiri has rallied all the Basoga to come together in solidarity to demand an explanation from the Bank or else unsubscribe their memberships,”

” Never have I seen this type of humiliation to the Kingdom before. Who is behind this bank? It’s time for us all to unite with one voice and demand an explanation from the bank or isolate it to pa for their arrogance.” Mutesi demanded.

Both the Kingdom and the Bank were yet to speak out on the incident at the time of filing this story.

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