Christians Flee Church after Bishop Ssebaggala turned up for Sunday service with Bouncers.


Last Sunday Christians In Luwero fled church after Bishop James William Ssebaggala showed up for a Sunday service being guarded by BAU Security, commonly known as bouncers.

The bishop ended up preaching to empty seats after church members disappeared

The situation in the Diocese of Luweero is getting worse every day, our reporter confirmed to us that the churches are dry because of the tension and fear people are going through while going to worship.

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There have been various strikes from Christians expressing their dissatisfaction with the cancellation of  Rev. Canon Kasana Ssemakula, who was earlier elected as the Bishop of Luwero, but later interdicted on grounds of fornication. 


Some of the church elders who did not want to be named said Archbishop Dr. Kazimba Mugalu should think twice and respond to Luwero issues before it is too late.

“We had high hopes in Dr. Kazimba but according to what is going on in the church of Uganda leadership, we are crying silently but in pain,"  the 96-year-old said in tears.

The church elders also condemned the act of Bishop hiring bouncers to offer him security.

"How can you convince Christians that we are protected by the blood of Jesus yet you as a bishop, your surrounded by Security personnel, why has he lowered that church to this level?"- Church elders.

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