Hamas-Israel conflict: 1800 killed.

The Middle East is a hotbed of the Hamas-Israel conflict.  The Gaza border is virtually in ruins. 

The death toll is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Until the last news, about one thousand and 830 Palestinians have been martyred in Israel.  In all, more than 1800 people have been killed so far.  Apart from this, more than four thousand people were injured.

 According to Geo News, there is a growing fear of Israel's ground attack against the Gaza Strip (Valley) controlled by Hamas.  Because Israel has stepped up the 'total blockade'.  In other words, electricity, food and fuel supplies have stopped in Gaza.

 Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Secretary General Hussein al-Sheikh said on Tuesday that Israel has rejected requests to deliver food and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip.

 "We call on international humanitarian organizations and the international community to intervene urgently to stop the aggression, allow the entry of relief supplies and restore electricity and water," he said.  Because the Gaza Strip is facing a major humanitarian disaster.

 In addition, nearly 200,000 Palestinians have been displaced due to airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.  The situation continues to deteriorate as both sides engage in hostilities, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

 Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reported that Hamas' Qassam Brigades said it would begin executing Israeli civilian hostages if Israel dropped another bomb on a civilian residential area without warning.

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