PM Nabbanja's V8 Gets Stuck in Buhwejju, Rescue team Airlifts her to Kampala.

On Thursday 19th, October 2023, while on the floor of parliament, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robina Nabbanja confessed that recently, she was airlifted from Buhweju district to Kampala after her car got stuck, following a heavy downpour that cut off roads in the area, and it took her team a week to rescue her car from the impassable roads.

"This is when I was attending Women’s Day celebrations in Buhweju and then it rained and the road was cut off, I was airlifted by a chopper and my vehicle spent a week in Buhweju"-Nabbanja.

PM Nabbanja further informed parliament that the Ministry of Works together with the Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) were still opening the debris on the closed roads.

According to election results 2021 president M7 got 86.9% of total votes in Buhweju district.

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