RDC attacks Magistrate for remanding Notorious Wakiso Land grabbers.

There was drama and pandemonium at Wakiso at the beginning of this week as the resident magistrate remanded a group of three notorious men behind the grabbing of land in Wakiso. 

The trio was part of a group that was arrested as they attempted to forcefully launch a fresh takeover of the controversial land belonging to Dr. Kaggwa Lutakome.


A group of more than 20 suspected land grabbers went to the controversial land and attacked the farm employees beating them to pulp before the security personnel assigned to guard the land swung into action, he managed to arrest the three as others fled to the nearby bushes to save their lives from the wrath of the security team.

The victims of the attack were later rushed to health centers in critical condition where they were

attended to after sustaining grave injuries in the exchange with gangsters. Upon arrest, the suspects

were taken to the Police but to the surprise of those who arrested them no statements were picked from

them as the DPC Robert Katuramu took charge and stood surety for the suspects, a matter that perplexed the arresting team. 

A police officer at the station confirms that this was done following relentless calls made by the State Minister for Lands Sam Mayanja and another senior cabinet minister, including the area Resident District Commissioner Justine Mbabazi, who were issuing parallel orders restraining the police officers from taking statements from the suspects and to also release them as soon as possible which the District Police Commander Katuramu effected.

“The minister has ordered for the release of the suspects saying they are innocent Bibanja owners who had been arrested for trace passing on the controversial piece of land. He said they should not register statements and be set free” a police officer reported.

The matter was further complicated when the suspects declined recording statements even after

summons to do so were issued in an attempt to frustrate their due prosecution in courts of law.

After refusing to register statements from the suspects Dr. Kaggwa’s lawyers engaged the services of the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander who ordered for the re-arrest of the suspects and their questioning.

After a few days, the suspects were re-arrested and put into police cells, a day later, these were produced before court amidst wild insults from their group mates mobilized by a one Derrick Mukasa, Shafil Bbale, and a one Sseggane among others in an attempt to cause commotion at the court premises.

In a court session presided over by her worship Najjuuko the three were denied bail on the grounds of

failing to honor their bond schedules and for fear of disrupting the ongoing investigations about their

acts and intention of attacking Dr. Kaggwa’s farm employees even after a court order restraining their

access was issued a month back.

Remanding the suspects angered their sponsors including a Lady in Statehouse who hatched a plan that saw a production warrant issued for the suspects and they were produced in court the next day but still, the court denied them bail and remanded them for 21 days for several reasons, which included an attempt to bribe the magistrate with 60 million shillings which she refused and chased the suspect’s agents from her office chambers.

“The lawyers representing the suspects had used one of the lawyers to go and sweet talk out the magistrate to grant bail to the suspects but he just escaped being arrested by the magistrate who bitterly chased him out of her office” a member of the group narrated outside court.

In a twist of events the RDC Wakiso, Madam  Justine Mbabazi surfaced at court and stormed the office of the wardens asking them to set free the suspects who were enrooted to Kitalya prison but the wardens insisted that the court that can release the suspects not an RDC.

Mbabazi went further to engage in a heated argument with the warden who advised her not to interfere with their work but instead to use the law and petition the court and the magistrate to release her suspects. 

However, upon learning about what was happening outside the chambers the magistrate and State Attorney insisted that the RDC was abusing her office to protect people she was using to engage in illegal activities and land grabbing.

Revelers at the court were further treated to drama after a one Kakooza went on a shouting match

claiming that he was fed up with coming to court which was delaying to crack of their deal of getting free land. 

Hell went loose as Kakooza insisted that they were just hired to come and be part of the case but they had nothing to claim since they were not squatter on the land.

“I am tired of this drama which is not ending, there is nothing we are fighting for the land belongs to Dr. Kaggwa we just promised some money if the deal succeeds” he expressed Incensed by the endless commotion at the court the group was forced out by wardens as the suspects were also driven to prison leaving the RDC throwing insults at the magistrate and state attorney for failing to respect her orders.

The group has now resorted to hiring goons to attempt to raze the remaining properties on the land in

violation of the restraining court orders which climaxed this week when the farm manager was allegedly beaten and the hired goons after blocking their entry onto the farm premises.

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