Unmasking Brian Mwenda Njagi, The Fake Kenyan Lawyer Who Won 26 Cases.


The story of Brian Mwenda Njagi, the man who allegedly impersonated a lawyer and represented multiple clients in court, has taken a new twist.

Contrary to some media reports that claimed he had won 26 cases, it has emerged that Mwenda has never won any case and actually cost many people their hard-earned cash as he did not possess the right legal acumen and skills.

The kind of pleadings he drafted and submitted were severely lacking and did not meet the required legal standards. In fact, he lost many cases in court.

Mwenda claimed to be a part of a law firm named Michieka Omwenga Mwenda Advocates LLP and used it in his scamming escapades. However, it has since been confirmed that Mwenda is not in any way associated with the said law firm.

In fact, no such law firm as Michieka Omwenga Mwenda Advocates LLP exists.

What Mwenda actually did was inscribe his name on an already existing law firm, Michieka Omwenga & Company Advocates, to make it appear like a partnership.

There is only one law firm with the name Michieka Omwenga & Company Advocates, and it has no connection with Mwenda.

In fact, a leaked audio clip now confirms this. In the phone conversation, Michieka Omwenga confronts Mwenda and asks him why he falsely inscribed his name on his law firm without considering the legal implications of such a blatant mistake.

But Mwenda, undeterred and seemingly without a hint of worry, acknowledges committing the offense and tries to downplay it by telling Omwenga that he has no legal liability in case Mwenda gets in trouble with the law for masquerading as his partner at the firm.

He further makes a bizarre request, asking Omwenga to give him 48 hours to rectify the error and remove his name from wherever he had falsely placed it as a member of Omwenga’s law firm.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) issued a statement condemning Mwenda’s actions and urged the public to be vigilant and report any suspected cases of impersonation.

LSK specifically clarified that Mwenda was neither an advocate of the High Court of Kenya nor a member of the LSK Nairobi Branch.

Investigations into how Mwenda was able to access its portal and obtain a practicing certificate using another lawyer’s credentials are still ongoing.

A person named Brian Mwenda Ntwiga, who claims to be the actual owner of the account that was hacked by the fake lawyer, says he has been under contract with the Office of the Attorney General for the last two and a half years in a post-pupillage capacity.

In a WhatsApp message shared with his colleagues, the real Mwenda claimed that he encountered some complications when trying to acquire his practicing certificate and that he reached out to LSK support staff for assistance.

He realized that the other Brian Mwenda had somehow taken hold of his account and changed all his personal details except his admission number.

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