Lawmakers Split Over Government’s $66 Million Relief Package for Debt Stricken Bitature.


A heated debate is underway in Uganda’s Parliament as members deliberate on a proposed bailout of Sh240.9 billion for businessman Patrick Bitature, who is facing financial difficulties. The relief package, equivalent to $66 million, was recently approved by the cabinet, leading to passionate discussions among the legislators.

Bitature is currently in debt to Vantage Mezzanine, a South African-based company, with an outstanding sum of $35 million. The cabinet’s decision to greenlight this financial assistance has sparked outrage and differing opinions within the legislative body.

The leaked information about the cabinet’s approval of the bailout has ignited public discussions on social media platforms, raising questions about the government’s priorities in providing financial support to struggling businesses.

One of the prominent voices against the bailout is Geoffrey Feta, representing Ayivu County in the West Nile region. He criticized Bitature’s Electromaxx company for its failure to provide electricity to the West Nile region despite receiving regular payments. Feta questioned the government’s favoritism in this matter and emphasized the need to support ordinary tobacco farmers who are also facing financial difficulties.

Maurice Kibalya, representing Bugabula South, echoed these concerns, highlighting issues related to transparency and government preferential treatment.

However, there are legislators who support the proposed bailout, emphasizing the positive impact of Bitature’s businesses on the economy. Michael Mawanda, representing Igara East, and Naigaga Mariam from Namutumba district defended the move, citing employment opportunities created by Bitature’s ventures.

The fate of Patrick Bitature’s bailout now rests in the hands of Parliament, which is deeply divided on whether to provide financial support to the struggling business magnate.

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