Police arrests another key suspect in the Muyenga cash robbery.

   Fred Enanga - police spokesperson 

Police have arrested the 13th suspect in relation to the recent robbery of big sums of money totalling to about 2 billion Ugandan shillings from the home in Muyenga which belongs to a businessman Haji Sulaiman Lumolo and wife Barbera Nekesa.

“By building up on the intelligence that they had gathered, they tracked down Lukungu Ivan alliance Palaso aged 25, a resident of Nyendo in connection with the robbery of cash which occurred in the home of Haji Lumolo.” Said the police spokesperson Fred Enanga

According to Enanga, their intelligence team used close to 3 days surveiling the suspect where they eventually managed to track and arrest him along Edward Street in Masaka district.

“upon further interrogation he admitted for having participated in the robbery that took place in Muyenga and he confirmed that he received UGX. 120M as his cut out of the loot.” Enanga explained

Police say the suspect spent 62m on a new Toyota harrier, bought a restaurant at 10 million Ugandan shillings, a house at Nyendo Mukudde at 20 million, bought a plot of land along Nabugabo road in Masaka at 15 million, opened up an electric shop at goodwill worth 16 million shillings which brings the total to about 123 million.

“we also tried to find out if he was linked to the robbery of USD.86,000 which happened at pride theatre, but so far the evidence we have doesn’t connect him to that incident. He now becomes the 13th suspect in that robbery.” Enanga further revealed 

Story by: Derrick kanalo 

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