Nasty Photos Alleged To Be Of Molly Katanga After She Allegedly Murdered Her Husband.


Our investigative journalist, Arnold Musamali Freeman is finding all possible means of establishing how and when were these photos taken. 

Tentative reports indicate that before Henry Katanga, the late now and Husband to Molly Katanga was shot dead, him & his wife molly had a serious fight in the bedroom.

According to an insider, those photos were taken as soon as Molly had arrived at the International Hospital in Kampala.

The medical examination was carried out by an independent team of doctors who revealed that Molly was a victim of domestic violence.  Her limbs were fractured and she was in a state of hypovolemic shock.

These photos were in an affidavit that was sworn by Arthur Katanga. The medical report showed that Molly Katanga was battered by the husband to near death. 

She had multiple head lacerations, broken hands, smashed fingers and an amputated finger.

Frame 3 clearly shows the police surgeon examining Molly's wounds and injuries.

The picture shows Dr. MosesByaruhanga, the Police Surgeon, examining Molly Katana, who is wearing a suit. 

Dr. Byaruhanga determined that Molly had experienced severe harm, resulting in maiming, near-fatal injuries, and permanent disability. 
This raises the question of how someone in such a condition could be capable of killing another person.

We are compiling a complete story which will be published on Friday, next week, keep it on.

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