Photographers in Jubilation as Makerere University Prohibits Phones on its forthcoming Graduation Ceremony.

Makerere University administration has for the second time prohibited graduands and guests from carrying-along phones the graduation venue as the institution holds its 74th congregation running for a week (January 29 to February 2).

The same instruction was issued at the previous graduation ceremony (73rd congregation) which happened in February last year.

The Academic Registrar’s office has confirmed the move by listing phones amongst prohibited items during the week-long ceremony.

Graduations are often marred by emotional moments that loved ones would wish to capture on camera and hold on for the foreseeable future. Classifying phones as prohibited items may not sit well with all stakeholders.

And even then, last year, a number of graduands were seen in possession of their phones at the tents during the ceremony, which left questions over the university’s instruction prohibiting the move.

Among other reasons, the university hopes to eliminate the divided attention brought about by phone users that often disorganizes events.

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