Amuriat, Nandala, Byamugisha, Sabiti Nominated to Contest for the FDC Top Position.

Najjanankumbi, Uganda - The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) electoral commission, under the leadership of Chairman Toterebuka Bamwenda, has officially nominated key contenders for the party's top positions. The nominations took place on Thursday afternoon at the FDC party offices in Najjanankumbi, drawing a crowd of enthusiastic FDC supporters.

The incumbent FDC President, Mr. Patrick Amuriat, and the Secretary-General, Mr. Nandala Mafabi, were both nominated to contest for their respective positions. Amuriat, who has held the presidency, made his intentions clear by stating, "I am still here, not going anywhere," after his nomination.

However, the FDC's electoral commission also put forth Moses Byamugisha as a candidate for the party president's role. This development signals a competitive internal election for the party's leadership.

Moreover, former Member of Parliament for Rukiga County, Hon. Jack Sabiti, and former Makindye East legislator Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi have been nominated to contest for the positions of party chairman and organizing secretary, respectively. These nominations underscore the FDC's commitment to a democratic process within the party.

The incumbent party president, Mr. Patrick Amuriat, has been at the forefront of FDC leadership and voiced his determination to continue his tenure. This sets the stage for an engaging contest within the party as the candidates prepare for the National Executive Committee leadership elections scheduled for October 6.

Supporters gathered at the nomination ceremony, showing their enthusiasm for the nominated candidates with chants of their names. Speaking after his nomination, Mr. Nandala Mafabi emphasized the party's commitment to democracy, stating, "In FDC, we believe in democracy; we do not believe in passing through windows."

With the nominations completed, the FDC now enters a critical phase leading up to its internal elections. The outcome of these elections will determine the leadership of the party and its direction in the coming years.

We will continue to cover these developments as the FDC leadership contest unfolds, providing updates on the campaign trail and the election results. Stay tuned for the latest news and analysis on this important political event in Uganda.


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