Minister Kitutu erects a Multi-billion Hospital in Kampala.

 One would ask self who owns this huge hospital located in Najera B off Kira road. Yes! Angel Wing Hospital is owned by Dr. Mary Gorreti Kitutu, the minister of Karamoja who is also a woman member of parliament, representing Manafwa District.

Angel Wing Hospital occupies three floors on a  building sitting on half an acre of land.  

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Our sources revealed to us that the Multi-billion Hospital has been in operation since last year though the minister wants to keep the investment as a secret since she has been implicated in corruption scandals.

The medical facility is fully equipped with expensive hospital equipment, including X-ray machines, Oxygen Machines, Biodex .Brachytherapy, Surgical Equipment, etc.

The Hospital is managed by one of the minister's sons who has only been identified as Dr. Joel.

We further learned that the minister also owns another hospital which is located in Ntinda, though with a very different name from that of Angel Wing Hospital.


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