Umukuka iii, Jude Mike Mudoma calls for peace Unity & togetherness in clans.

The iii Umukuka we'Bamasaba, His Royal Highness, Jude Mike Mudoma has called for peaceful co-existence among clans despite being from diverse backgrounds.

"Unity is vital, particularly in developing Cultural institutions and a country at large. People should have respect for each other's cultural values and norms," the Umukuka told a large crowd during his inauguration today the 14th of October 2023, at Mutoto cultural grounds in Mbale City. the function attracted different religious, cultural and political leasers, including a delegation from Kenya.

He further revealed that soon after his inauguration, he would start visiting all 21 clans to establish the challenges and obstacles they face.

"I call upon all clan Elders to front unity and development so that we can develop Masaba land- Said Umukuka Mudoma.

The Umukuka Thanked President Museveni for supporting them financially and promised to work closely with the central Government in all aspects.

"There is no way we can develop Masaba land without the central Government. at the moment we are pushing the government to give us our properties, including the  Bumagin barracks land which used to house the Uganda Peoples' Defence Force (UPDF)"- Umukuka.

The event was graced by several government officials, Members of parliament, other Kingdom chiefs, prime ministers, and representatives. President M7, who was supposed to be the guest honor was represented by the Vice President, HE Jesica Alupo, who delivered his message.

President M7 contributed One Hundred Million Shillings towards the Organisation of the event. His contribution was delivered to to organising committee by Ms. Rita Namuwenge, the Emyooga National Coordinator.


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