Inside Umukuka inauguration: Why M7 entrusted Namuwenge with 100m contribution, Minister Kitutu fumes.

There is a soft war between Emyooga national coordinator, Ms. Ritah Namuwenge, and the embattled minister of Karaamoja, Hon. Mary Gorreti Kitutu over M7's 100m contribution to Inzu ya Masaba.

What you need to know:

On Thursday 12th, October 2023, President Yoweri Kagita Museveni gave Bukuka One hundred million shillings, the money was delivered to the organising committee by Ritah Namuwenge, the national coordinator of the Emyooga program.

According to our inside informers, this annoyed the senior politician, Minister Kitutu.

Initially, President Museveni always contributed to Bugisu cultural events through Minister Kitutu. It should be noted that during the official opening of the Imbalu in Mutot Cultural grounds, president M7 contributed over 35m through Minister Kitutu.

It was later discovered that money was not delivered to the committee. 

Our state house informers told us that M7 no longer trusts Kitutu ever since she was put in the spotlight for mismanaging Karamoja Iron sheets and failing to deliver his pledge during the Imbalu opening last year.   

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Minister Kitutu was put in the spotlight by various committee members on allegations of mismanaging relief cash and items for the region during the Imbalu official opening last year.

This was after iron sheets marked ‘for Office of the Prime Minister’ and part of the aid to Karamoja was found at her mother's home in Manafwa where the minister is the district Woman Mp.

This woke up angry 2022 "Imbalu" organizers who also accused the minister of making aways with over 35M from the state house.

The organizing committee was headed by Mubuya Godwin, who is in hiding up-to-date after failing to pay off service providers in the August 2022 imbalu official launching at Mutoto Cultural Center.

The team alleged that Minister Kitutu made away with 35 million shillings which was given to her by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as a contribution to the Imbalu organizations.

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